As the talent landscape gets more and more competitive, Recruiting Leaders everywhere are realizing that the only way to win the talent war is to get proactive and go Outbound. But with so much noise and so many new technologies, how do you as a recruiter decipher what to focus on and what will get you the results?

Welcome to the Outbound All Stars Recruiter Series!

The Outbound All Stars Recruiter series is a five-part webinar program designed to help recruiters like you master the art and science of Outbound Hiring. From designing business-aligned hiring processes to leveraging talent market insights, and from optimizing your sourcing strategies to unlocking the power of your employer brand, join us as we uncover the six processes that are at the heart of a successful Outbound Hiring program.

Who should sign up?

The Outbound All Stars series is designed for recruiting professionals and leaders who are crucial for business success. If you are a recruiter leading or aspiring to lead strategic talent acquisition at your company, then this program is for you. It is designed to help you master the skills and tactics you need to hire awesome talent, grow and network with other like-minded recruiters and -- have a great time at it!

What will I get?

Free assessment

We will soon launch a free assessment to help you understand where your organization stands on the Outbound Hiring Maturity Index. Sign up to get alerted.

Frameworks, templates and more

Every webinar comes with immediately actionable templates, framework, data and insights - along with a full recording - that you can share with your team and friends.

Get invited to an All Stars Mixer!

The Outbound All Stars Mixer events bring together the most awesome outbound recruiters for an evening full of fun, networking and learning. Stand a chance to get invited to one of our Mixers!

Series Structure

Why Go Outbound


Greater Efficiency

Data-driven Outbound Hiring focuses 100% of your recruiting efforts and time on candidates who meet your hiring requirements and are more likely to be open to pursuing an opportunity with you.


Improved Quality of Hire

The Adler Group concluded that recruiting teams typically see a 3-5X jump in the supply of quality talent in outbound hiring compared to inbound, thanks to greater control over their talent pipelines.


Increase in Conversion Rates

One study reported that companies hiring top talent via targeted outbound reported a 5X increase in conversion efficiency when compared against inbound.