The traditional method of hiring is broken.

A combination of megatrends is reshaping our talent landscape. Disruptive business models and new technologies are forcing businesses to evolve fast, fueling high demand for talent. But the rise in demand has been met with a shifting supply, thanks to fundamental changes in candidate behaviour.

The best candidates today don’t apply. They discover new opportunities through personal and social networks, respond to companies that value them for more than their skills and expect personalized experiences, not transactional engagement.
With no dearth of choices, the best candidates today are no different from your best customers.

To capitalize on these megatrends, HR and business leaders will have to fundamentally re-evaluate their talent acquisition capabilities. The emergence of analytics, social, personalized marketing, and an increased recognition of talent as a CEO concern -- all enable an intelligent, business-aligned approach to strategic hiring.

We call this Outbound Hiring - the future of recruitment.

What is Outbound Hiring?

Outbound Hiring is a targeted, candidate-focused approach that coordinates personalized talent acquisition and business efforts to hire people who succeed in your company.


Analytics-driven understanding of the specific pools of talent that need to be engaged. A "zero-waste" strategy that maximizes efficiency.


Built for the candidate. Helps you deliver a consistent, fantastic experience across the candidate's journey.


Leverages candidate-specific insights and content to maximize relevance and engagement.


Enables both functions to work closely together through mutually agreed criteria, processes & metrics.


Lays emphasis on quality of talent. Aligns hiring success to strategic business outcomes, not operational metrics.

How outbound hiring flips the inbound recruiting funnel

Outbound hiring fundamentally flips the inbound recruiting funnel. Instead of waiting for the best talent to wander in, outbound recruiters proactively engage the right people at the very start by using social talent data and predictive analytics. Businesses save hundreds of recruiting hours that are otherwise wasted on marketing, filtering and screening unqualified candidates. And because outbound hiring delivers a personalized candidate experience at every stage, recruiters and hiring managers see far higher engagement and join rates from candidates.

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