A stellar candidate
experience that scales


Scale candidate delight, effortlessly

With Belong’s Automated Personalized Reachout, all you have to do is shortlist candidates who meet your requirements, and a beautifully crafted, personalized email will automatically be sent out on your behalf. Enjoy delighting candidates, with zero effort.


Make sure you’re reaching candidates

Sometimes the first email outreach can get lost or ignored in a candidate’s inbox. If a candidate doesn’t respond to the first email, our Automated Follow-ups can check in twice with them in the next 4 days.


Add a human touch to every outreach

Belong's engagement system enables personalized interactions between candidates and recruiters through social and contextual insights. These interactions help a candidate to understand the role being offered, the impact they can potentially cause, and why you'd like to engage with them. The result? Belong customers enjoy 4X the response rates they typically see on other mainstream platforms.


Proactive engagement made simple

Keep in touch with candidates through their entire journey with a range of pre-built, contextually relevant emails. Whether you want to schedule an interview, keep a candidate informed of their status or even re-engage with candidates, we’ve got you covered.


Tap into a nurtured candidate pool

Have new requirements on an old job profile? Instead of sourcing from scratch, revisit candidates who were previously shortlisted and showed promise but didn’t work out, for whatever reason. These pre-qualified candidates are already aware of your brand and culture, and will be more likely to match your requirements and consider your offer.


Reach candidates when they’re likely to respond

Smart Scheduling uses historical data to identify the time slots when your reachout mails are most likely to be read. Emails are sent automatically at this time to boost your response rates.


Stay on top of your entire hiring funnel

The Pipeline feature in Belong is built to mimic the stages a candidate typically goes through in a hiring process. Track candidate movement across the hiring process, identify at which stage drop-offs occur and optimize your hiring process, all from one place.


Actionable pipeline insights at a glance

Keeping track of every candidate in your hiring pipeline can be quite tricky. But with Actionable Alerts, you can quickly see the immediate next step for each candidate, right within your Pipeline. Stay on top of your hiring easily with your daily tasks laid out.


Collaborate and communicate effectively

Have any questions, feedback or notes for your team? Simply tag them in your comments. Belong will send a notification to the team member and ensure everyone is in the loop.

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