Finding exceptional people
just got easier


Find the right candidate

Belong’s Curation Engine curates talent data across 90 different professional networks, communities and forums to offer you an untapped pool of relevant talent. Active or passive candidates, our Curation Engine will ensure you find the right person for the job.


Make your search intelligent

Our Adaptive Search is charged with machine learning and predictive analytics. Based on your sourcing and interview patterns, it uncovers people who are similar to your most successful candidates using factors such as affiliated universities, previous companies, growth patterns, common networks and shared skills.


Lovingly machine-picked candidates

While Adaptive Search uses historical sourcing and hiring data, Belong Picks analyzes your current and past employee data to identify people who are most similar to your high-performing employees. Belong Picks helps you find people ready to succeed, quickly.


Relevant candidates are just a click away

Imagine if your hiring solution could automatically understand your JD and generate relevant, skilled candidates without you having to key in anything? Belong’s JD Scanner does exactly that.


Strategize your approach

When you have high-impact positions to fill, time is a luxury. Belong's Passivity Index can indicate how open a candidate is to an opportunity using factors such as frequency of job change, market trends and social signals. Depending on whether a candidate is Inclined to Move, Exploring, or Not Inclined to Move, you can strategize accordingly.

360° Candidate Profile

Know everything you need to know

Candidate profiles in Belong don’t stop at just name, contact details and employment history. But offer insights such as a candidate’s interests, networks and portfolio, so that you can develop a comprehensive understanding of your candidate.


Never miss out on a great candidate

It is a truly wasted effort when your attempts to reach a candidate end up as bounced emails or as failed calls. Verified Contact Details including personal email IDs and mobile numbers are available right on our 360°Candidate Profiles, and are continuously updated and validated using multiple sources.

Smart Search Filters

Exhaustive talent pool, even if the JD isn’t

When your JD gives you limited visibility, it gets hard to find the right person. In such scenarios, Belong's Smart Filters help you move in the right direction through a combination of pre-set and popular filters that enable you to uncover highly relevant talent pools with just a couple of clicks.


Found a candidate elsewhere?
Continue engaging them on Belong

Found a great candidate outside Belong? We can help you engage them, too. Use our Add Candidate feature to add promising candidates to your pipeline, and delight them with personalized communication through Automated Reachout.


Seamless collaboration with Hiring

Timely feedback from Hiring Managers could save precious sourcing time and effort. Belong's Mark for Review feature auto-notifies Hiring Managers regarding selected candidates, so they can work together with recruiters to refine the sourcing strategy and close good candidates faster.

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